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New Zealand is a country enriched with a vast diversity of landscapes that will surpass your imagination. The country possesses myriad spots of picturesque landscape, perfect for nature-lovers. So, if you are residing in Dubai and crave for peaceful ambiance with refreshing scenic beauty, then New Zealand is the perfect nation for you. But, immigration from Dubai to New Zealand is difficult owing to the stringent immigration laws of the country. Therefore, for a fast and hassle-free immigration experience, you need to get assistance from experts like us. The AMAFH IMMIGRATION Consultants would be the best choice for you in this regard.



New Zealand provides opportunities in various industries and has a thriving job market. The distribution of income and wealth in the nation is likewise highly regarded. Other important metrics, including healthcare, education, life expectancy, quality of life, and general well-being, also show positive results for the nation. New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, came in third on Mercer’s Quality of Living Index, while Wellington, the country’s capital, took first in a global Deutsche Bank quality study.

Here is a quick summary of why New Zealand is becoming a popular place to immigrate.

  • Crime rates are low, which makes it a perfect destination for living. Yes it is! New Zealand is the second-safest nation in the world, and first if you just count nations with an English-speaking population. According to the 2019 Global Peace Index, which assesses the danger of homicide in 162 nations, this is the case. This figure may give you peace of mind if you’re considering moving to New Zealand.
  • With excellent living circumstances, New Zealand offers a peaceful lifestyle. In so many ways, New Zealand is in the front. It sets the standard in all fields, including politics, health, education, and the environment. The first bungee jump, the 8-hour workday, the ascent of Mount Everest, the first transgender Member of Parliament, and most recently, the first Prime Minister to take maternity leave were all firsts for New Zealand.

The goal of New Zealand is to be the first nation entirely powered by renewable energy. It’s undeniably a nation of which its citizens may be proud.

  • The New Zealanders are friendly and welcoming. How? People here have a very unique characteristic about them because the town is so small. Most people you encounter exude a sincere kindness that seems to be a natural aspect of life here.

When considering reasons to live in New Zealand, this one will undoubtedly keep coming to mind because of the country’s genuine affection of its neighbors. One of life’s most crucial aspects is getting along with others; in New Zealand, people make that easy.

  • It’s no surprise that New Zealand was the location for movies with the most spectacular views ever. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Hobbit Trilogy were all shot against New Zealand’s beautiful scenery..

It is a wonderful country that must be visited entirely from North Island to South Island to understand the variety of what’s on offer here fully. Anyone considering relocating to New Zealand will find that the country has everything, including mountains, lakes, and even glaciers. Natural beauty, pristine beaches, and breathtaking landscapes make it one of the world’s most beautiful places.

  • One benefit of being a Brit residing in New Zealand is that your credentials and abilities are probably in high demand. There is now a great demand for people with talents in engineering, trades, finance, health and education, whether you like Auckland, Wellington, or somewhere smaller. Furthermore, the majority of skilled jobs pay more in general. See if your profession is on the list of skills now in demand by checking the Skill Shortage List.
  • The advantages of migrating to New Zealand if you have a family are obvious. You only need to consider the Kiwis who leave their own country only to return once they establish their own families. In reality, many of the clients are Kiwis who have liked living in the UK but are returning to raise their families in New Zealand. It’s a terrific area to raise a family, that’s why. A childhood with plenty of open space, excellent facilities, and educational opportunities is ideal.

It is always helpful to reach out to immigration consultants to get the New Zealand visa from Dubai. They may also assist you with obtaining a visiting visa for New Zealand. With AMAFH IMMIGRATION , getting a visa for New Zealand is simple and hassle-free.

The process can be completed with few documentation, and the advisors may work for you every step of the process. Check your eligibility before submitting an application for a New Zealand visa. Additionally, you will be allowed to enter New Zealand many times once you have your ETA (Electronic Travel Authority).

Get informed about the procedure of a New Zealand visa from Dubai, before applying. The complexity of application preparation varies. If you’re uncertain, seek expert advice or best consultancy in Dubai for New Zealand to understand what needs to be done. When you’ve determined the best visa category for you and verified your eligibility for a New Zealand PR visa, organize all of your supporting documentation to provide when you’re asked to apply for the visa.

Follow these guidelines to know how to apply for a visa in New Zealand.

The process can be completed with little documentation, and the advisors will work with you every step. Check your eligibility before applying for a New Zealand visa. Additionally, you will be allowed to enter New Zealand many times once you have your ETA (Electronic Travel Authority). Be aware that ETA is only valid for two years.

  • Submit a college or university application.

Visit the official website of the institutions and colleges that have been nominated to learn more about them. Keep in mind the courses, certificates, or degrees you are also interested in. Then apply for admission to those. You must provide the required paperwork before beginning the application procedure for a study visa.

  • Preparing for police clearance certificates (PCC) and medical certificates

Upon receipt of the application letter from the educational institution, you must obtain a medical certificate, and the New Zealand Immigration Department must approve the doctor’s credentials. Following this, you must apply for the Police clearance certificate at the deputy commissioner of Police office or the local, regional passport office.

  • Application for a visa

You must now apply for the visa together with all the required paperwork. Some essential papers include a current passport that will still be valid at least 6 months after arrival, a credit/debit card or PayPal account, and arrival and departure dates.

  • Fee payment

You will receive an Approval in Principle (AIP) from the Immigration New Zealand website after completing your visa application. The moment has arrived to pay the first year’s tuition at the relevant college or university.

You must wait for the final decision after completing all of these processes. The officials will give you a callback or send you an email. You will receive your New Zealand visa soon after your application is granted.

To make this opportunity a reality, you might want the support of knowledgeable advisers. Decide what you want and start the challenging yet fruitful process with us. We are experts in guiding you comfortably through the challenging process of obtaining a New Zealand visa from Dubai.

Migrate To New Zealand from Dubai

A person who wants to immigrate to New Zealand must notify their interest by giving the following information:

  • The person’s age should not be greater than 55. No one above 55 may apply to this category. There must be supporting documentation for this.
  • If someone is already employed in New Zealand in the skilled category, they can easily apply for the skilled category visa by providing the necessary documentation.
  • A person must provide evidence of any offers they may have received to apply for residence. This will include a thorough explanation of your position, working hours, the length of the workday, your pay, and the moment you first began working.
  • If a person meets the requirements, he becomes qualified to apply for this visa. He might ask the New Zealand Qualifications Authority to evaluate his capacity for academic study.

For the purpose of determining eligibility under this category, all of these requirements are verified and graded. If these requirements are met, the applicant can start the immigration procedure to New Zealand. Although the application procedure can take several weeks to many months, applicants can get help from personal advisors with the paperwork, filing, etc.

Additional rules also apply to the partner if the visa is requested under the skilled immigration category. Most of the time, candidates must also submit paperwork about their partners. New Zealand has made itself available to qualified individuals. It seeks specialists and professionals to fill construction, engineering, trades, health, information technology positions, etc. These professions are listed on the recently released “Green List” of vocations, which serves as a manual for hiring and recruiting workers with particular abilities and skills.

Our Offerings- New Zealand Visa From Dubai

  • New Zealand Skilled Immigration

Based on their credentials and work history, skilled individuals are eligible for permanent residency under the Select Skill program.

  • New Zealand Student Visa

The heart of international education is gradually moving to New Zealand. international students attending educational institutions in New Zealand

  • New Zealand Visitor Visa

You can apply for a New Zealand Visitor Visa if you want to travel there for a short period to visit family, for business, or leisure.

  • Partner or Family Visa

Those who want to immigrate to New Zealand and are engaged to or married to a citizen or permanent resident of that country may be eligible for a partner visa.

If you’ve decided to join New Zealand, you will need the services of New Zealand immigration consultants in Dubai. No worries—we’ve covered you. The AMAFH IMMIGRATION Consultants will help you obtain a visa and choose a suitable residence. We will prepare all of your paperwork and, if necessary, give you legal assistance. You will have a flawless immigration experience from Dubai to New Zealand with more comfort and luxury.

Being the leading advisors and the best immigration consultants in Dubai for New Zealand, we envision a results-oriented strategy to obtain the visa quickly, most accessible and efficiently while ensuring favorable outcomes.


Being one of the best immigration consultants in Dubai for New Zealand.Our team is composed of highly professional and efficient experts, capable enough to guide you throughout the process of immigration from Dubai to New Zealand. The process is highly complex and difficult with strict laws for new-comers. Usually the process becomes so difficult that people tend to give in on their dream of joining the country. Thence, arises the need of experts like ourselves. We own every detailed knowledge of all complex steps that the immigration process to New Zealand requires. 

As the most successful New Zealand immigration consultants in Dubai, our capable staff will make sure that the process of immigration from Dubai to New Zealand goes smoothly without any errors or delays. We take care of not only the visa processing steps, but also the follow-up procedures.. We will give you all the assistance you need to migrate to New Zealand from Dubai or anywhere in the 000 because we have the experience and expertise to ensure your success. So let us assist you in reaching a dreamy land of lush and exotic scenic beauty.

New Zealand Immigration

  1. Permanent Resident Visas

    • You can procure a permanent resident visa only after you have been granted a resident visa.
    • Resident visas facilitate traveling in New Zealand restricted to some conditions. On the other hand, permanent resident visas pose no such restrictions.
    • A principal applicant of the Residence visas can easily obtain a Permanent Resident Visa. This is possible only if you have held your resident visa for two years and have shown a commitment to the guidelines of the country.
    • However, if you are not a principal applicant of the original residence visa, then you cannot apply for a permanent residency visa.

    Skilled Migrant Category Visa

    • An individual can acquire the skilled migrant category visa, which is based on a points system.
    • The points are awarded in various categories, such as your qualifications, age, work experience, and employment experience.
    • The individual who applies for such a Visa should be aged 55 or under. He or she should also meet various character requirements, health requirements, and requirements in the English language as well.
    • The Visa Authority also entices the people and invites them to procure this visa on the basis of their skills to enhance the growth of the country.

    Philippines Working Holiday Visa

    • The Philippines working holiday visa is proffered to the individuals aged between 18 to 30 years.
    • The Visa is provided to the people on the basis of certain restrictions. This is because only 100 Philippines working holiday visas are offered to individuals per year.
    • The Philippines working holiday visa is valid for one year. You can use this visa to work in New Zealand or even to train up yourselves in the country.

    Silver Fern Practical Experience Work Visa

    • The silver phone practical experience work visa is given to the people who already have a silver phone job search work visa.
    • The validity of this visa is for 12 months.
    • To procure this visa you should have an offer of Skilled employment for at least 12 months.
    • Your job offer will decide how long you will stay in New Zealand. You can also apply for the skilled migrant category visa after procuring this visa.

    Long Term Skill Shortage List Work Visa

    • A long term skill shortage list work visa is given only to those individuals who have their names in the long term skills shortage list of New Zealand.
    • To get your name inscribed in the long term skill shortage list, you should have the required work experience and qualifications.
    • People of age 55 or under will only be given such a visa. The duration of the visa is for 30 months.
    • You cannot bring your families or dependents with the aid of this visa. They need to apply for a new visa to reside in New Zealand.

    Entrepreneur Resident Visa

    • The people who have operated their business for at least two years on any other visa or have been self-employed in New Zealand for at least six months can procure the entrepreneur resident visa.
    • There is no time limit on this visa. You will be free to live, work, and study once you get this visa.
    • You can also apply if you have been self-employed for less than two years, provided you have an entrepreneur work visa with you. Also, you should have invested capital of at least New Zealand dollar 500,000 and have created new jobs in New Zealand.

    Investor 1 Resident Visa

    • People who apply for New Zealand residence in this category should have NZ dollar 10,000,000 to invest for over a three year period.
    • When you are granted the visa under this category, you can come to New Zealand to reside along with your family. You can even bring your belongings like your car and household items free of customs charges in New Zealand.

    Investor 2 Resident Visa

    • Any individual with experience in business who has a minimum of NZD $3 million can procure a New Zealand Visa.
    • Before applying, you should send an expression of interest and describe your business experience. If the authorities select you and your expression of interest is successful, then you will be invited for NZ residence with your partner and dependent.

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